Let’s Vote in Florida (for Bernie Sanders)

Tomorrow is primary day in Florida. Please, please, do your civic duty and go vote. This election is the most important one in our lifetimes. We can not continue to let corporations and the 1% rule over us any longer. We need a grass roots effort to take back the country for the middle and working classes. So go to the polls and make sure to vote for you and your families’ best interests.

Personally, I’m going to vote Bernie Sanders because his dream is an extension of MLK’S dream right before he was assassinated: to unite the downtrodden in order to make life better for all. He does not serve corporations; instead, he serves the people. He has looked out for the little guy his whole career. Unlike the establishment politicians and Trump, he recognizes that we have the power to change things with our vote. Don’t let anyone talk you out of voting for him with classical defeatist lines like “he can’t beat Hillary” because that is self-fulfilling prophecy. Vote and let’s all contribute to the fight to make America great for all, not just the rich!

Thoughts About War Room

Just finished watching the Christian movie ‘War Room’. It was very inspirational. It definitely focused on the power of prayer and the importance of forgiveness. We are often busy concentrating on how troubling our lives are without noticing how we affect the ones we love. When we focus on the negativity surrounding us, we allow Satan power over our lives. It is highly important that we all learn to focus our thoughts and prayers to our Savior, Jesus Christ! The fight against Satan is one that us humans cannot win. We must turn over the fight to Jehovah and his Son, Jesus. If you are to do this, you must first learn to forgive. I know many think that we cannot forgive others for what they do to us but it’s the only way to receive the grace of heavenly forgiveness ourselves. Forgiveness unchains us from the hurt that the person we forgive caused in the past. Once you learn to forgive, you can begin to let the light of Jesus shine into your daily life. Once the light is in your life, you will see how it shines into the lives of the ones you love. I hope that this post can help you and your family understand the importance of prayer and forgiveness!!

We the People are for Bernie Sanders 2016!

To the American People:

This country was founded on the ideal that revolution of the people was necessary when the governing body no longer responded to the people. Over the years, we have forgotten that. For many years, we have accepted that the government is run by the elite and that nothing we do, including voting, can change that. I do not believe that is so. When people are tired of the status quo that is when we should be ready to vote the most.

I am active on multiple forms of social media and I’ve heard many times that voting for Bernie Sanders for president would be a wasted vote because even if he became president, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything due to the gridlock in Congress. I say that is the most backwards thinking possible. Remember, how do people get in Congress? By getting elected by ‘We the People’!! So during this election season, look carefully at the ballot and research the issues.

Don’t believe everything politicians and the media tell you. Also, follow the money! If the initial candidate you plan to vote for is supported by the same corporations that are buying their way to power, then look for another candidate to vote for. That’s what I’m doing and I challenge all others to do the same. In doing so, you are becoming part of the revolution of people who will not be bought by money and will force candidates to change how they do business in order to get elected.

Also, don’t be afraid to discuss why you will vote with others. If you stand strongly on a belief, it deserves to be shared. It might convince someone who was not planning to vote to actually make it to the polls. The American people have the power to change the status quo and need to stop being defeatist, thereby allowing those who are in power to continue to do exactly what they always do.

In summary, We the People exercise the power in this political system. If you believe in what Bernie Sanders wants to implement but afraid it won’t happen, stop being afraid! Vote for Bernie and bring as many of your friends, coworkers, church members, and family to do the same!!!